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Mergers & Acquisitions

Terrain Capital’s experienced team provides specialist advice ensuring a high level of research, strategic planning, communication and negotiation to ensure that the offer, whether acquisition or divestment, creates the greatest possible long term value to our clients while making sense to the counterparty.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Terrain Capital is experienced in developing, structuring and implementing a merger or acquisition strategy. We provide professional search services to help our clients locate and complete suitable acquisitions. Client anonymity is assured, and our initial approach and involvement brings credibility to the investigation.

Terrain Capital provides specialist advice for structuring business or asset acquisitions. This advice includes undertaking market research, determining correct pricing, managing the due diligence process, overseeing information requirements and offering advice in negotiations to ensure success.

Divestments – Business Sales

The divestment of a business is often the largest financial transaction a company, or shareholder(s) will undertake. It is essential that specialist advice is received to maximise pricing, terms, conditions and success.

Our team of Directors have the expertise to prepare the business for sale, including the preparation of documentation, sales material and financial accounts, establishing the sales strategy and process and determining the market value, to create the sales structures that crucially maximise pricing in line with appropriate terms and conditions.

Terrain Capital will invest considerable time researching the market and planning the approach to potential buyers. Our team members are not afraid to knock on doors to locate the right buyer while ensuring client anonymity while qualifying the interest of competitors.

Through our involvement and service we aim to free our clients, enabling them to focus on operational issues relating to their business, while guiding them through the sales, due diligence and negotiation processes to maximise momentum. Terrain Capital aims to provide value in a business sale that outweighs the investment in our services.

Our significant market presence and relationships with market participants, will guarantee our clients’ interests are presented professionally, whilst maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Management Buy Out / Buy In

Terrain Capital acts for both business owners and management teams who are looking to structure and negotiate MBO / MBI transactions. Our involvement helps both parties achieve their objectives and ensures an appropriate long-term structure.

Terrain Capital will handle the transaction in a professional manner, minimising potential conflicts of interest and can introduce specialist MBO / MBI financiers while providing independent advice to deliver the best financing deal.