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Terrain Capital Ltd has broad experience in raising capital and M&A in agricultural investments. This includes:
  • Capital raising for the listed Tandau
  • Advising on the acquisition of Queensland properties
  • Advising on acquisition of two forestry schemes
  • IPO of Australian National Proteins a large amalgamation of sheep farms
  • Advise on purchase and subsequent sale of large Mildura Winery
We have directors with experience:
Michael Tilley
  • Former Chairman Lower Murray Water Board
  • Chairman Free Eyre – large co-op of wheat farmers in S.A.
  • Broadacre wheat farmer and large grape grower
Michael Ramsden
  • Chairman African Mahogany (Australia) Pty Ltd manager of 14,000 hectares of African Mahogany in the Northern Territory for a large US Fund Manager
  • Grape grower and farm owner
Dominic Marinelli
  • Adviser to Australia Natural Proteins


In the process of raising capital for our clients, Terrain often generates investment opportunities that are available to sophisticated and wholesale investors.

We are continually seeking to add qualified sophisticated investors to our database and are happy to discuss this with interested parties who have completed the necessary forms and documents to qualify, under the Australian Corporations Act 2001, with their accountant.

Should you wish to discuss your eligibility,
please do not hesitate to contact Terrain on +61 3 9665 2444